Welcome to The Life Laser Therapy Center(s) of Crystal Lake & Crest Hill! 
We use the latest laser technology to help people stop smoking, and live heathier lifestyles. Our mission is to make people feel comfortable, welcome, and like family.

First developed in the 1960s in Europe and Canada as a treatment for acute pain, these modern procedures involve a non-invasive laser beam - in a comfortable, soothing environment - applied to 37 energy points on the body that go right down to the cell level, making it more effective than acupuncture. These laser therapy treatments have a very high success rate of over 85 percent!!  Note:  For Smoking Cesation only 23 of the energy points are treated.

Stop Smoking Today!
The treatment programs that we offer are painless and safe, and they produce exciting and dramatic results. The treatment is administered by a certified technician who is specially trained to help you along the path to quitting smoking.

We are conveniently located at 6119-B Northwest Highway in Crystal Lake and our new facility at 16101 Weber Road in Crest Hill. Our hours are by appointment only, we work with you to find a time that best suits your schedule. We also offer educational/corporate presentations and group rates too!

     *Use the chart below to find out how much cash you've puffed away. 
        Based on a $7/per pack average
Per Day
 20  $210 $1,260
 $2,520  $12,600
 30  $315  $1,890  $3,780  $18,900
 40  $420  $2,520  $5,040  $25,200
 60  $630  $3,780  $7,560  $37,800

               Call   Crystal Lake  847-458-1220   or  Crest Hill  779-279-9766  and Quit Smoking Today!